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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Shankar With Shah Rukh Khan

Shankar's next film 'Robo' will be with Shah Rukh Khan in lead role as per the grapevine. He is planning to make the film with a huge investment of Rs 100 Cr, which was ever invested on single film in India.
He is planning to make that film on S Pictures banner and the discussions are going in big way. Shankar is also considering Hrithik Roshan for the lead role as it requires some macho appeal for some scenes.
While Shankar is behind those Bollywood bigwigs, Tamil hero Ajith is behind Shankar to give him lead role in 'Robo'. Earlier Shankar announced the name of Kamal Hasan for the lead role but now changed his opinion.
We have to see what news Shankar makes shortly.

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