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Friday, July 6, 2007

Snippet: Raja and Priyamani With Giribabu

Giribabau is planning to start a film shortly, he being the director. Raja and Priyamani are going to pair up in this flick. He made the films 'Indrajit' and 'Ranarangam' long ago. But again with all confidence he got ready to make this film. He readied a story line and narrated that to Raja and Priyamani.

Well, it is becoming difficult for producers to get the dates of Priyamani right now. But Giribabu could reserve her. Giribabau has the track record of producing a film 'Devatalara Deevinchandi' as well. It will be a notable thing if he makes success with this directorial venture. Last year, Ranganath directed the film 'Moguds Pellams' with Sivaji Raja and Rathi in lead roles. But that turned down miserably.

We have to see how this senior actor fairs well as director of contemporary Cinema.

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