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Monday, July 30, 2007

Top 5 Reasons Why ShankarDaDa Average Fare

One of the Best Story lines in Indian Movie History...
One of the Best Actor in Tollywood who perfectly fits the Bill..
One of the Craziest Music Directors of Tollywood
Top writer duo of Tollywood..
Top Dance Director in Indian Cinema ( who is also the director)
Big Production House...

Naturally you would expect no less than a Sensational Blockbuster...

Let's look at the top 5 reasons why SDZINDABAD turned out to an Average fare...

1. Heroine: The whole crux of the movie is how a hard core Dada falls for a beautiful, charming radio Jockey and ready to do anything for her. Unfortunately Karishma Kothak didn't appear any where close to be that.. (sorry Karishma)

2. Prabhu Deva (Director) : Prabhu Deva failed miserably to put his mark on the movie..He had nothing new to offer.. All he did was true Translation.

3. Paruchuri Bros : Prachuri Bro's in most parts of the movie took the same approach as their director.. Translation.. The comedy involving Shuddh Hindi (Vinamrata, Durgathi) failed to click in Telugu. They could neither come up with witty lines nor strong sentimental dialogues.

4. Prabhu deva (Dance Director) : Megastar probably is not as agile as he was few years ago but still has versatility and grace. Prabhu Deva as dance director could not exploit the dancing strengths of Chiru.

5.Poor Production Values : Couple of Scenes were cut and paste from Hindi (atleast it appeared to be).. and this coming from a Big production house like Gemini is quite surprising.

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