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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Box-Office: Same Old Story Continues

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The same old story of thrillers topping the list continues even this week. Let us see the order of films those are making better collections at box office.

1. Mantra:
The film stands on the top with better collections. Although the theaters are not turning housefuls in week days, it is collecting almost 85% with all 4 shows. Charmy's charm pulled the crowds and the quality in the movie did spread positive talk all over. The film sits in position-1 of the toppers list of the week.

2. Anasuya:
The horrified appeal in the movie and Bhoomika's presence turned the vital elements for the success of the movie. It is making better collections and stands as a hit in the career of director-actor Ravi Babu. This crime thriller scores well and stands in position-2 of the toppers list of the week.

3. Don:
The movie is lost but still holding breathe only because of the presence of Nagarjuna. Although the film is made in style it lacked in spirit on a whole. Lawrence's over-action and lack of grip in story line are being discussed as negative aspects of this film. It stands in position-3 of the toppers list of the week.

4. Mee Sreyobhilashi:
The film is pulling class audience to theaters and they are coming up with the expectations by keeping 'Aa Naluguru' as bench mark. But the film is not meeting the expected standards. It sits in position-4 of the toppers list of the week by making just satisfactory collections for the budget it incurred.

5. Happy Days:
The film is still warm despite making 100 days in India shortly. The trendy flick with college background is well-treated in the hands of Sekhar Kammula and the film stood as a success on a whole. The film stands in position-5 of the toppers list of the week and still going ahead with average collections.

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