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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Feature: Telugu Man's International Flag For Cinema

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This is not the flag of a single nation but of entire world Cinema. It's designed by N Gopala Krishna, a producer, director and writer and also the present Editor of 'Journal-AP Film Chamber of Commerce'.

Gopalakrishna is better known as 'Lakshmana Rekha' Gopala Krishna. Lakshamana Rekha was the film directed by him which happened to be the first film of Jayasudha.

Coming to the flag, it's a point to feel proud by every Telugu speaking individual first. It was Pingali Venkayya who designed the National Flag of India almost a century ago. Now it is again N Gopala Krishna, a Telugu man, whose flag is in the process of accreditation to hoist on every film theatre, studio and lab in entire world. That sounds to be Herculean but that is what happening behind the screens. Top Tollywood celebrities are now pushing this flag through Hyderabad Film Festivals and we may soon see this as a unique flag for entire Film Fraternity.

Gopalakrishna says: "'Red' stands for production. 'Red' symbolizes dynamism and production requires the same. 'Yellow' stands for friendship and distributors prove successful only with friendly terms between the producers and exhibitors. 'Blue' stands for purity and bliss and that is the epitome of 'exhibition'. And the 'Film Reel In A Spool' at the center stands as a symbol for entire 24 frames of film making".

Let us see when this flag can become universal.

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