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Monday, January 7, 2008

Rs 1.25 Cr For 'Anasuya' Satellite Rights

The satellite rights of the film 'Anasuya' were sold at Rs 1.25 Cr as per the reliable sources. And adding to that the film was sold at Rs 50 lakh for Tamil rights. The total budget incurred on the film making was Rs 1.75 Cr. That way the film cleared the investment with satellite and Tamil dubbing rights. So, whatever is being collected at theaters is the sole income of Suresh Productions.

Ravi Babu made such a hit with this film and it is said that a total of Rs 8 Cr and above was already collected. So, Anasuya stands out to be real success of the season.

That's due to the variety in the film and making it in complete out-of-trend way with crime and thrilling elements.

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