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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Is Censor Board Sleeping for 'Aapada Mokkulavadu'?

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The controversial Posani Krishna Murali's film ' Aapada Mokkulavadu' has released and has caused a terrible experience to the audience. While the film is one bit, the main blame seems to be pointing towards the censor board for letting some of the most vulgar and intolerable screens pass through their certification.

"The hero cutting off the villain's private organ and throwing it in cold storage or the villain taking the heart out of a man using a drilling rod are some such scenes which makes one think how they could imagine the audience would have the heart to watch", says a lady who watched the film as a serendipity.

"Censor board must be sleeping or it might have bribed", said the other after watching the movie.

While films are meant to be more on the entertaining side with decency, it is rather shameful to see something like this happening. Hope the Censor wakes up to this and does something about it.

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