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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Gossip: Heroine Earning Rs 25,000 for A Few Hours

This is the news from reliable sources that a heroine is escorting men at a price of Rs 25,000. She started her career with a comedy remake from Hindi and turned the eyes of many with her attractive features. This Mumbai girl is getting chances to act only in comedy films as heroine although she has the oomph to act on big banners. Allari Naresh is her close friend as per industry gossips.

Hero Rishi is also maintaining close relation with her as of now as per industry grapevine. Whatever she is earning through movies can be saved fully and her running expenditure can be carried by her escorting job. In fact as long as she is in shooting, her entire expenditure will be taken care by the producer only.

Well, she is making hay while sun shines!

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