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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Screen Buzz: Is Trisha's Name Also Nandini?

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VV Vinayak names his heroine as Nandini in every film. We already said this long back. The name of Keerthi Chawla in 'Adi' is Nandini. The name Nayantara in Yogi is Nandini. The name of Sjriya in Tagore is Nandini. So will Trisha's name in the film 'Krishna' also stands to be 'Nandini'?

The movie is set to release on 12th of this month and the posters are proving to be very promising. The glamour does of Trisha is felt enough and Vinayak says that it is the movie that goes in the backdrop of Vijayawada and Kanakadurga Temple. It's again and action dose in the school of Vinayak. Ravi Teja's portrayal stands strong it seems.

Keeping that everything aside, will Vinayak continue his sentimental name Nandini again? Or will he bring a change? That has to be seen. If he continues, a focus should be kept on real life Nandini in Vinayak's life.

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