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Monday, January 7, 2008

Udaya Bhanu Seduced Showing Her Sexy Oomph

Udaya Bhanu is worth enough to do item songs as frequently as possible. She has the necessary oomph factor and lecherous looks to be in tune with item songs, say the people those watched the film 'Apadamokkulavadu'. She danced for the song 'Tiduthondayya Naa Vayasu Thidothondayya' wearing sexiest saris and that turned a treat for mass audiences.

We have to see if the producers and directors consider Udaya Bhanu for item songs from no onwards. She is no way less to routine item dancers and is a very notable face. Above all she is a native Telugu lady who needs push from Tollywood directors.

Let us see if she bags something more down the line.

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