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Monday, January 7, 2008

MS Narayana and AVS Are Far Better

The people who have watched the film 'Apadamokkulavadu' are saying that Posani Krishna Murali should stop directing movies of this standard or themes.

"MS Narayana and AVS are far better than this Posani Krishna Murali in film direction. I couldn't resist watching the movie. I ran away by interval", said an audience who watched the movie 'Apadamokkulavadu' yesterday evening.

"Wouldn't he watch the film before releasing? Or wouldn't his close fiends advise him to spruce up the film well before bringing it to theaters?" questioned a viewer.

"I wonder if this film was sent to censor. The scenes like cutting down the genitals are very demeaning and horrified", said another viewer at a theater in Hyderabad.

On a whole, the film 'Apadamokkulavadu' is bagging negative talk every where. The film 'Operation Durudhana' ran well as there were no new films at that time. Now big films are coming soon. We have to see how Posani reacts to the situation and pushes his film.

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