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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Gossip: Dasari's Attempt To Kill 'Apadamokkulavadu'!

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The film 'Apadamokkulavadu' was scheduled to release yesterday but the ticket counters weren't opened as the boxes didn't each any theater in time. Initially, the theater sources said that the show of the film would start from matinee. But entire day was silent without the release of the film. But inside sources said that Dasari is behind this incident who stopped its release intentionally by not paying a due of about Rs 50 lakhs.

Dasari bought the film for distribution on his Siri Media but willingly wished to stop its release as it campaigns Chiranjeevi's political entry in big way. Dasari wanted to kill the film by pushing it away from this weekend, so that it loses collections. But the producer A Mallikarjuna managed to make arrangements to release it today, i.e on Sunday.

However, thus artificial hype is boosting the public interest on the film.

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