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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Carry Amrutanjan While Going To Apadamokkulaadu

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Posani is trying to push his 'Apadamokkulavadu'. The more he is pushing, more the bad name he is bagging. Let us see what the people in Hyderabad talk from theatres.

"Carry Amruthanjan while going to Apadamokkulavadu. The film is unbearable. We came to theaters assuming there is something related to Chiranjeevi. But there is nothing but nonsense. I curse myself by getting carried away by Posani's statement against Dasari last night", says Suresh Kumar, an audience at a theatre in Hyderabad.

"Amruthanjan is not enough. Consuming two pegs would be ideal. Otherwise it is difficult to withstand the hammering", said another viewer standing by the side.

"Entire film industry should make it a point to prevent Posani from making films. He is good dialogue writer in past. But what happened now? I turned his fan after watching 'Pelli Chesukundam'. He penned dialogues for that film. But now he turned sadist. He should retire now or consult at least 100 people before starting work on his script", said another.

That is the feedback Posani is getting for his 'Apadamokkulavadu' after he came out with a controversy by alleging Dasari as the man behind stopping the release of the movie.

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