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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Did Lawrence's Over-Hyped Statement Come True?

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Lawrence made a statement just before the release of 'Don' answering to a question in a very bold manner. When asked if there is any resemblance between Bollywood 'Don' and Nag's 'Don' he said, "There is no resemblance at all. And all Bollywood producers would make line to get the remake rights of this 'Don'".

That is cinematic to listen. But has that statement come true? We all know that. The film has been suffering loss although the producer ML Kumar Choudary tried to pump oxygen into it. Lawrence kept a silent face now and jumping to Tamilnadu to do a Tamil film. Yes, he is pairing up with hot throb Tamil actress Namitha. She has been called the sex bomb shell of South India. The title of the film is 'Paandi'. There is also another top heroine Sneha in it.

We are yet to be informed if he is trying a hand for music for that film as well. So, it takes time for Lawrence to come back from his home till the completion of his part in that film.

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