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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Over-Active TV Artiste Made A Photographer

Hyderabad Film Festivals has turned a hub for many comedy scenes as well. That is not onscreen but off-screen. There is a TV artiste by name Ashok Kumar who is highly renowned for his roles of Narada on small screen. He also acted as Bhatti in the renowned Telugu Doordarshan serial 'Bhatti Vikramarka' long back.

He is known for comedy roles and seldom appears in movies as well with guest appearances.

He made his presence in Film Festivals to impress a few directors who come there and bag a few roles in their coming flick-be it any language. He kept on meeting the directors with a formal shake hand and a smile. No sooner he is starting to talk to them some film buff is giving a camera to him and requesting him to click one. Ashok Kumar appears like Rakesh Roshan with clean shaved shining bald head. He is trying to give build-up as an affluent and busy film actor to directors but the people around him are simply making him a photographer by putting their cameras in his hands. Embarrassed Ashok Kumar has no other way than clicking the cameras. Things are very difficult in film industry to push individually. There must be some people behind to bring in some aura for the aspirant. Ashok Kumar should learn this and bring at least 10 people along with him while getting introduced to any. But poor Ashok Kumar has no such option. One needs delegate pass to step into Film Festivals!! Influence is required to get that.

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