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Monday, January 7, 2008

Interview with MS Raju

MS Raju is turning into director with Vaana film which is a remake of Kannada blockbuster Mungara Male. Here are the excerpts -

What is the reason for remaking Mungara Male?
I really loved it though there are a few stale scenes. We added lot of freshness and changed the screenplay to make Vaana.

Mungara Male had tragic ending?
I am not going to reveal the nature of the climax now. But I can say that the ending of the film is going to be a heart touching one.

Why is MS Raju making a remake film with new comers when he has access to all the big stars of Telugu cinema?
I follow my heart. People commented when I was making Devi film with unknown faces. They commented when I gave Varsham project to the director Sobhan who had a flop record. They commented why I was spending so much on Charminar set for Okkadu film. They commented that Siddhardh was looking like a girl in NVNV. All the projects that got criticisms during the making were hits. Likewise, I hope that this film too is being talked about. I invite criticism and take them all in my stride.

What is the reason for having Teja as director for your son's debut film? Your sensibilities are different from that of Teja?
I follow my heart and my gut feelings. I don't do any calculations.

Generally director is the captain of the ship. But you had been the captain of ship for your films?
I do involve in creative aspect of my films. I will be the captain of the ship when I make films with directors like Sobhan and VN Aditya. But when I make films with Kodi, Guna Sekhar and Teja, they are going to be captains of the ship.

Why are you doing remake?
I prefer original films. But Mugara Male is so impressive that I could not resist from remaking it. If you look at Titanic of James Cameroon, he remade it too. And see the results.

What is the budget of Vaana?
I do spend as per the demand of the script. There is no big or small film in my opinion. For example, I wanted the hero introduction to be impressive. Hence we had five sets and Mumbai models for that song. I feel that we should spend money only when it is absolutely necessary. I won't create a slum colony set to make a film when it can actually done in the real slum streets. I did Charminar for Okkadu because it is necessary. I did not have a set of Warangal for Varsham because it was unnecessary.

Tell us about Suman character in this film?
It was a very brave decision to cast Suman in that character. He had never done such kinds of films before. He gave excellent performance in the last 4 reels of the film. He did god roles in Annamayya and Sriramadasu. He also matched Rajnikant with his villainy in Sivaji film. He did extraordinary work in this film.

What is the reason for casting Vinay and Meera Chopra?
The lead roles in this film are driven by characterizations. After watching the film, only characters will be remembered, but not the actors.

We heard that you considered your son Sumanth Ashwin for Vaana film?
Yes. That was true. But later I realized that the hero character should be done by a mature guy, not like a teenage boy like Sumanth Ashwin.

Your previous film Aata got many criticisms?

I feel that we can only make great films once in 3 years. Since we are producing a film every year, we can's expect all the films to be great films. We have to make some run-of-the-mill films. Aata belongs to such a category. It was not a great film, but it was a decent entertainer. It is a standard film, but not a cheap film. I am the first critic of my films. And I invite criticisms for all my films.

This Sankranthi is having four films?
Yes. I want all the films to become hits. Sankranthi season can absorb four hits.

When will your film with Teja go to floors?
Immediately after the release of Vaana film.

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