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Thursday, January 10, 2008

'Pallikoodam' Tears Flooded In Hyderabad Multiplex

'Hyderabad Film Festivals' are going on in very active mode and the films are being screened at 5 screens of Prasad's multiplex, Amaravathi Theater and Lalitha Kala Thoranam. Many foreign delegates are making their presence at this festival in good number. The films are getting good response and the most acclaimed film yesterday was the Tamil movie 'Pallikoodam' (means 'school'). Thangar Bachchan directed and acted in this movie and he has come for the screening of the film as well. No one bothered about him initially and he sat silently in a corner of the theatre. Thangar Bachchan looks short, dark and rugged. He speaks only Tamil and hardly knows English. Hence except a few people who accompanied him none tried to approach him at all.

The film started. The movie gained momentum. Entire audience turned pin drop with silence. The people who know Tamil immersed totally. And the remaining people didn't turn their eyes from the sub titles even for a second. The screen pulled the attention of audiences completely. It turned a mass hypnotism. People laughed loudly for humor, wept silently for emotions, shed tears of happiness for watching a wonderful movie in life time. As the titles started rolling at the end of the movie people ran towards Thangar Bachchan for autographs and photographs. A few people tried to hug him as well. Thangar Bachchan pulled the hearts of everyone with his wonderful direction and marvelous on-screen performance.

Telugu people shouted, "Manavaallu chaala nerchukovaali. Edi padithey theeseyyadam kaadu. Pallikoodam andaru Telugu directors ki choopinchaali".

"It's true movie. It runs for a year if releases in Telugu", said another emotional viewer clearing his tears.

When asked if the film is a tragedy looking at the tear shedding audiences they said, "No! It's a wonderful emotional comedy. Our tears are of happiness for watching a great movie. We thank Hyderabad Film Festival people for showing such a great master piece for us".

When greatandhra.com bureau asked Thangar Bachchan about the idea of releasing the film in Telugu he said, "I'm looking out for right producer".

Let us see who bags the offer!!!

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