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Friday, October 19, 2007

Chiru's party plans off due to family troubles?

The megastar, Chiranjeevi, is unlikely to plunge into politics in the next 18 months i.e till the next Assembly elections following some bad developments in the family. The public image of the film star has taken a beating because of the marriage of his second daughter with a local youth, who is already involved in some criminal cases.

First, the film actor had trouble with his elder daughter. Even before the dust could settle down, there was the Pavan Kalyan episode which caused much embarassment to the film actor. And now the trouble with his second daughter.

Since the image of the actor had taken a beating, it is unlikely that he will set up any political party or jump into politics. This simply means there will be no entry of the actor at least till the 2014 Assembly elections.

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