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Friday, October 19, 2007

City Buzz: TV9 Rajni Kanth's Over Action

TV9 Rajni Kanth is getting negative feedback from the fans of Chiranjeevi and also the general public. They say that it is fair till he informed the people about Srija's marriage. But asking the reporters standing at Chiranjeevi's house, "How are the feelings of the people coming in and going out there?", '"Is Srija in Shirdi for darshan or in Bangkok with Honeymoon package?"….The questions of this sort disgusted many as per the opinions.

People are saying TV9 Rajni Kanth is doing over action. But still they are not changing the channel from TV9. Although scolding Rajni Kanth, they are tempted and addicted to watch only TV9. That's how Rajni Kanth is making people sit before TV sets with TV9 on monitor for hours together.

And that's what TV9 requires. That is not bothering if Rajni Kanth is doing over action or under action.

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