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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sekhar Kammula: 'This Is My Highest Grosser So Far'

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He had thought provokingly knocked the brains with 'Dollar Dreams'. He gently knocked the hearts with 'Anand'. He pleasantly touched the senses with ' Godavari'. And now he unleashed the way to make big business with small investment and rich idea called 'Happy Days'. He is Sekhar Kammula, the renowned director with different substance.

He says the fresh film 'Happy Days' has crossed his expectations completely.

"This is the highest grosser in my filmography so far. It's houseful everywhere. Numbers would be deceptive in first week. But it's true now. Devi, the biggest theatre in RTC cross roads is screening this film. Even the big films dare less to release in this film as it becomes difficult to continue their stand for many days. But 'Happy Days', out of my surprise, is running housefuls in that even in second week. That's really fantastic. Many are saying that it's going to be 150 days film. It's almost in 10 theaters in Hyderabad like a big film", shared Sekhar Kammula.

He also added saying, "It's like a big wave in Vizag, Kakinada and many other towns. We didn't expect this range initially. Audiences are always beyond film makers and reviewers. That's proved once again".

Sekhar Kammula also said that he is yet to think about his next film and it takes time to write that.

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