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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Reel Talk: Jayaprada Complex Hired For Athidhi

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Now it's the talk of 'Athidhi' everywhere. Incredibly it is releasing in 712 theaters world wide which is a big record. The biggest plus point for this film is that it is releasing during dasara festivals. It's beyond imagination to estimate the first day collections of this film.

Coming to the point, Athidhi is releasing in Jayaprada Complex of Chennai. The theatre is booked at very huge rent that ran into a few lakhs. It is considered to be a 3 week minimum guarantee film there. It is known fact that that the theater belongs to actress Jayaprada. The film is releasing there with 'Pokiri' sentiment.

Pokiri released in that theater and has broken all the earlier collection records of all Telugu films released in Chennai.

Let us se how far it meets the expectations now.

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