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Friday, October 19, 2007

Orkutters condemn Chiru’s new son-in-law

It seems like a genuine case of the real world spilling over onto the wired world. The Orkut scrapbook belonging to G. Sirish Bharadwaj, who recently got married to Chiranjeevi’s younger daughter Sreeja is now overflowing with hate messages posted by angry Orkut members, a majority of them being fans of Chiranjeevi. Orkutters are having a field day at the expense of G Sirish Bharadwaj, whose scrapbook bears a tagline “Name Says It All”. Sirish’s scrapbook is now filled with hate messages from Chiru’s fans and people in general. Most of the messages are unprintable and highly abusive from Orkutters who believe that Sreeja is cheated.

In fact, the forum has now turned into a no-holds barred profanity-spewing contest in which both parties are actively involved in slandering each other. Apart from this, there are also Orkutters who have begun creating fake profiles just for the purpose of flaming the message boards. One of them has also attempted to impersonate Sirish by creating a fake profile of his. Reads one of the anti-Sirish messages on the scrapbook, “You fool, how do you think you are going to support her? You don’t even have a job.” In fact, groups supporting Chiranjeevi are teaming up with each other to collectively spam the scrapbooks of individual supporters of Sirish.

There are also those who believe that the youngsters have taken an irresponsible and immature decision by not informing the parents of their marriage. According to the comment posted by an Orkutter, “You should have waited and got settled professionally in life before embarking upon marriage.” In fact many users posted common threads that highlight the very young age of the couple and how they are “so unprepared for what life has in store for them”. A user said, “A week in the real world without the parents will be all it takes to make them realise the enormity of the impulsive action they have taken and get them both back to their respective parents.”

While the majority of the messages on Sirish’s scrapbook are of a condemning nature, there are also a few that are not so. Some young Orkutters have commended Sirish for what they call a ‘gutsy move taken by a youngster who was aware of his responsibilities’. In fact, an elderly gentleman, who also happens to be an Orkutter says, “Parents should not come in the way of the children deciding what they want to do with their lives. Upto a certain age, we can play the part of the guardian, but after a certain age, we are only facilitators of some needs that they have. If the couple has the courage to take on life, let them do so.”

Scrap war
Some of the scraps posted on Orkut

* Praveen alleges, “In 2002, Sirish was accused of kidnapping a girl called Anvita. He denied it saying that he had only married her and not kidnapped her. But as he was minor at that time, he was booked under Section 363 of the IPC, under kidnapping and house harassment and was jailed for four days. He later came out on bail.”

* Hari says, “Chiranjeevi will commit suicide after this.”

* Says Mr. Srinivas, “Come and touch the feet of Chiranjeevi. He is a nice person, He will understand and forgive you.

* A user named Pure Heart says “Sreeja you made a mistake. You both proved that you don’t have any respect for your parents.”

* Even Sirish has posted a comment saying, “Thanks for your blessings. Please don’t harass my family and friends. You will understand what I did only if you love somebody. I didn’t even know that Sreeja was Chiranjeevi’s daughter for the first six months after I met her.”

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