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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Chitchat with Raahul

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Raahul who won the hearts of Telugu film lovers with his heart-touching acting skills in the role of Tyson in this year's solid blockbuster 'Happy Days' unravels his feelings.

How was the response for your character in Happy Days?
The response is overwhelming and I am delighted. I was initially skeptical if people would accept my character. Sekhar Kammula asked me to show variations in my role through my voice and diction to convince audiences that I am a studious guy. I did not expect such a great response for character in this film. Happy Days talks about values of friendship and positive thinking. I am happy that Happy Days is creating history at all film theaters and young crowds are watching this film together again and again.

What did Sekhar tell you when you are given this character?
He said that I would be loving a senior girl and should propose her. I should neither be rude not curt while doing so. I should appear like I die for that girl, and retain my own confidence and decorum at the same time.

I never wore glasses in my life. And I was not used to a grown beard. But I had to do both these things as my character demanded it.

To tell you frankly I was disappointed when Sekhar offered me this role. But I realized the depth and specialty of the character only after I started acting in the film.

Don't you think that you will be typecast for this kind of 'sympathy-seeking' roles in the future?
No. People over here are broadminded. Good acting coupled with hard work is always appreciated in Telugu film industry. It is true that I did a de-glamorized role in Happy Days, but I am confident of doing glamorized roles in the future. Happy Days gave me confidence that I could do justice to my work.

What are the best scenes for you?
From the response of audience: Terrace scene in which I say 'Enthaina mana friend kadaraa'.
For me: The scene in which Sravanthi leaves me in rain. It was a difficult one to do.

Do people recognize you when you walk on the streets?
Yes. They know me as Tyson. They don't know my real name. When I did a chat program on Radio Mirchi, around 600 girls called me up in a span of two hours. I realized that I got lot of female following with Tyson character. I was stunned.

What is the reaction of your parents?
My parents expected me to do a decent job. But they are shell-shocked with my performance in the film. Sekhar told me that my parents were in for a shock when they saw me on the screen.

Do you follow senior girls in real life too?
I am too shy to meet the girls of my age. Right now I am focused with my work.

Were you insecure about yourself when you had to work with 3 more guys in Happy Days?
Yes, in the beginning of the shoot I was insecure. But as the movie progressed, I realized that my character is beautifully sketched and it is going to hog the limelight. Tyson character is all about inner beauty.

What are your future projects?
I am currently enjoying the success. I am currently in the process of improving my physique, learning dances and martial arts. I am honing my skills to become a commercial hero. I want to change my image as an angry young man when I act in my next film.

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