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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Gadde Veerabrahmam Forecasted Chiranjeevi

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Had anyone bothered about Ravi Teja when he acted in the group behind Rajasekhar? But he became a bigger star than Rajasekhar in eventual years. Had anyone expected 'Raasi' would become a heroine when she was shown in 'Rao Garillu' as child artiste? But she shined on screen for sometime.

Similarly we all know that no one bothered about Chiranjeevi and none expected something big awaiting him when he acted in Pranam Khareedu and Punadi Rallu. But there was a man with intuition in Guntur district with the name Gadde Veerabrahmam who used to tell something that certainly goes to happen. He said, "There was a man in the group acted for 'Manavoori Pandavulu'. I asked some one and he said his name is Chiranjeevi. His eyes are very sharp. My intuition says he will rule the industry for many years. I feel he will be next to NTR in history of Telugu film industry in many aspects".

That's the future unveiled by Veerabrahmam about 30 years ago. He is no more now but it is said that he also said that Chiranjeevi would spend later stage of his life in service to people. Will that be through politics? Or quite personal has to be seen.

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