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Monday, October 15, 2007

Rumors: Doubts On The Release Of This Film!

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The film that has been undergoing publicity but not letting out the news of its release is ‘Podarillu’. The stills of Neha Pendse and Siva Balaji working for this film were released long back. The film is made in the direction of Rettadi Sreenivasa Rao on the banner of Venky Academy by Akula Siva Durga Prasad.

The shooting of the film is over log back and the first copy has come out. It is being said that the film is going to be released this month. Koti scored music for it. It is said that there are no buyers for this film and hence the producer is going to release it on his own.

But still with lots of hopes, the publicity is being done for this film in the form of News Paper Ads. Will this film release this month as announced?

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