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Monday, October 15, 2007

What Ravi Babu Is Doing With Laptop?

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Ravi Babu was in Chennai Airport last night. He was about to go to Hyderabad. He started looking into the eyes of people to see if anyone recognizes him as an actor. But no one bothered. He roamed here and there for some time after the security check. No one noticed him and slowly moved to the corner of the waiting lounge without being seen by anyone. He boarded Spice Jet flight at 8:40 pm.

He was carrying a laptop. But what he has to do with that? Surfing a few film sites? But he looked like a software professional with that. Is there any connection for him with Software industry? Yes, he has some investments in Hyderabad based Jeevan Softech Ltd, a software cum education consultancy. He comes to that company frequently along with his father Chalapati Rao. Is that Chennai-Hyderabad trip of Ravi Babu, software related or movie linked?

Well, Ravi Babu is looking very heavy now. Hope he is not doing daily jog and work outs in KBR Park as he used to do earlier.

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