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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Shriya Is 'Ready' With Anyone For Money!


Actress Shriya is ready with anyone in the industry to act with provided she gets big money packet. She usually charges Rs 65 lakh per film that demands about 100 days of shooting. That figure is always after all negotiations.

Now she got a call for 5 day shooting that fetches her Rs 50 lakh. Shriya made her eyes big with happiness and didn't think for second time. She simply signed on the papers without bothering about the hero as well. He is Vadivelu and the film is a Tamil one, 'Indralogathil Naa Azhagappan'.

Shriya appears to be very intelligent in agreeing for films. All that matters for Shriya is just currency. She is ready with any one in industry to pair up. It is said that she acted with Vadivelu for a song and a couple of scenes for the film.

So, just Rs 50 lakh is enough to make her play beside anybody in Tollywood as well. Are the producers listening?

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