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Friday, October 19, 2007

Will Kapus Give Threat To Chiru's Son-In-Law?

This is the impression that is making rounds followed by the secret marriage of Srija, the second daughter of Chiranjeevi with Sirish Bharadwaj, a Brahmin boy. There was a rumor earlier that Uday Kiran got a threat from chauvinistic Kapu coterie (without the involvement of Chiru and family members) that his legs would be amputated if he marries Chiranjeevi's first daughter Sushmitha.

Although that's not confirmed the rumors made rounds in big way all over. Now will that repeat with Sirish Bharadwaj as well? People say that things wouldn't be same now. As already the issue is exposed to media, whatever bad happens to Bharadwaj will be tagged to Chiranjeevi only.

So, the sympathizers of Chiranjeevi stay very careful now. Sirish Bharadawaj, Srija and his friends tackled the issue in a very matured way by calling media and exposing the issue.

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