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Friday, October 19, 2007

Trade Talk: Hopes Going Despairs

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The newly released 'Athidhi' got grand openings all over. The talk of the film is 'average' and people are saying, 'can be watched once'. That's enough for the film to pick up, say trade circles. The other film 'Tulasi' is not getting digested by many. Many say that there is mismatch of action, comedy and sentiment in the film. Some say that Venkatesh, the family hero playing action role turned a minus. The entire film turned complete dramatic without conviction, say others. Although the film made 100 percent collections in the first 3 days has seen a drop now. The talk on the film is also not supportive for better collections of the film.

The other film 'Pellaindi Kaani' of EVV Satyanarayana has bitten the mud. It proved to be an utter flop of the season. The blame should be pushed on producer Narasimha Rao for not doing proper publicity and the next blame should be pushed on EVV for choosing such a story line and projecting Allari Naresh as mad guy.

The collections of 'Bhayya' turned down miserably. Chirutha is also seeing big drop in collections. 'Happy Days' is still doing well with whopping collections all over. It proved to be the most successful film of the season.

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