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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Kalyan Ram Worried And Running Behind Him

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Kalyan Ram is deeply worried now. Except his 'Athanokkadey', he hasn't seen hit till now in his career. His films 'Asadhyudu', Lakshmi Kalyanam' and 'Vijayadasami' have flopped at box office. On the other hand his cousin NTR is dashing in Tollywood.

Kalyan Ram is not happy with any of the directors other than Surender Reddy. Grapevine says that the combination is going to come up after 'Athanokkadey'. Rumor says that Kalyan Ram is unhappy with Samudra for making 'Vijayadasami' in out dated style that killed it on a whole.

Surender Reddy is now busy with 'Athidhi' aspects. We have to see if Surender Reddy works for Kalyan Ram immediately.

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