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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Kalamandir Kalyan-A Real Devotee of Heroines

We have read about Meera Bai who loved Lord Krishna and attained moksha. We learned about Goda Devi that became the platonic lover of Lord Sri Ranganatha (Vishnu).

But today we have one man who is the ardent devotee of many heroines in Tollywood. Yes, he is the real devotee with no sinister intention. He admires and adores heroines, say sources. He is Kalyan, popularly known as Kalamandir Kalyan. Whenever a new heroine comes to industry he calls her for the opening of some section of Kalamandir showroom. He pays them big money as Naivedyam. He also gifts them with saris and some jewelry as a devotee donates for the idols of gods and goddesses. Knowing this, heroines are also awaiting call from this devotee.

He paid Rs 2 lakhs for Anushka and Rs 1.5 lakh for Hansika- just for visiting his shop. He simply invites them and gives this big package of gifts. He expects nothing else from them in return. Is that not a real devotion!!!!!

Here there is another interesting twist. Some of the heroines are ready to visit Kalamandir to get stamp that they are invited by Kalamandir Kalyan. That's a status symbol for them-so some of them are not expecting money from Kalyan.

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