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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rumors: EVV Satyanarayana's Iron Hand

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EVV Satyanarayana created the character called 'Iron Leg'. The usage is so popular among people now. But freshly EVV is being called 'Iron Hand'. He eyes on super hit Tamil films and makes in Telugu. And they turn to be flop shows. He eyed on 'Kadalikku Mariyadai, starred Vijay and Shalini long back. He remade that in Telugu with JD Chakravarthy and Rachana as 'Nenu Premistunnanu'. The film was utter flop and the only thing that can be remembered in this film is the song 'Kovelalo Deepamla…'

Now he again made the Tamil story by Bhagyaraja as 'Pellaindi Kaani' in Telugu. The film proved to be a flop everywhere. Why is it happening so?

EVV attempts to add Telugu nativity to his remake ideas and spoils the dish on a whole. But some are simply stating, EVV is 'iron hand' for remakes.

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