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Friday, October 19, 2007

Gossip: Navneet's Last Hope Is Jr.NTR!

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All doors have been closed to not-so-lucky heroine, Navneet Kour. Despite the concerted efforts made by Comedian –turned-director AVS, her self-styled caretaker, she is drawing blank in finding roles.

She is left with only one film on hand now. Though, she dined with many heroes, none took interest in recommending her as a heroine.

Her last hope is Jr. NTR. She danced with him for a few minutes in his film 'Yamadonga'. She says he has been her admirer, ever since she did that part. She strongly hopes she will be his heroine sooner or later. But is NTR in a position to recommend heroines now. He already did that with Sameera Reddy and later decided not to recommend anybody as they raise curtains for nasty gossips.

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