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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hyd Box Office: Not So Great and Not So Poor

1. Lakshyam:

The film is making considerable collections although there is a small drop when compared to previous week. The film has multi star factor with Jagapathi Babu and Gopichand and Anushka added to the mass appeal of the film. All this made the film turned the heads of many and stand in position -1 in the Toppers list of the week.

2. Toss:
The film has made very good openings. Upendra factor attracted the masses to come to theaters while the publicity made for the film also boosted up the awareness of the film. But the film shouldn't entertain the audiences and the over dose of emotional quotient in it turned down the flick. But due to openings the film sat in this position in the box office collections of last week.

3. Sivaji:
There is a drop in the collections of the film but still sustaining with considerable collections. It's only Rajni factor and over hyped advertisement about the investment made on the film made it a head turning flick but again kept many disappointed at the end. The film is now in position 3 in the box office collections of the week.

4. Dubai Seenu:
The film is still doing well despite completing many weeks of release. The comedy element in the film with MS Narayana is in big publicity making the audiences come to theaters in big number. The film is in position-4 of the toppers list of the week.

5. Satyabhama:
The film is attracting audiences only because of star cast. The popular 'Missamma' pair Bhoomika and Shivaji are pulling the class crowds to theaters, but in very moderate number. Although there is lack of entertainment the class people are receiving the 'Antero Insomnia' concept shown in the film well. Although it's a remake of '50 First Dates' many are recognizing it as original film as they don't know about that Hollywood flick. The film is making a few collections and standing in last position in the list.

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