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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Salman Khan: 'I want to be like Rajnikanth'

Salman claims to be inspired by Rajnikanth's magnanimity . "I want to do what he is doing . Whatever he earns, he is giving back to the people ," said Salman.

Thus inspired, he intends to raise funds for his Salman Khan Foundation that goes to support a number of charitable causes through his own efforts because he dislikes depending on others for money.

"Through my movies, my shows, my paintings, I wanna reach out to people. If anybody volunteers, I will accept donations, but I am certainly not begging for funds," he said with conviction.

He talked about marriage. Or, rather, the rumours of him getting married on his birthday around Christmas, this year. "The day I get married, or decide to, I will let the world know," he said in exasperation, adding, "Of course, I intend to get married, but it will happen only when it's destined to. And I will celebrate the occasion with my friends, family and well-wishers . I won't hide my marriage because I need people's blessings and good wishes always."

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