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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Snippet: Priyamani To Replace Sneha!

Observes in Tollywood and Kollywood are saying that Priyamani is grabbing the opportunities those will be in tune with that of Sneha. Sneha has been regarded as heroine for family audiences and only with sari clad look. She hardly looks good in western wear.

Same is the case with Priyamani now. She was shot to fame with the film 'Pellaina Koththalo' and again appeared in 'Toss'. She looks dark and also appears beautiful when smiles like Sneha.

Sneha has become obsolete, say some. She is now considered less and only small banner films are coming her way. So her career is apparently over.

Until and unless Priyamani picks up her acting talent we cannot come to conclusion that she is a right alternative for Sneha.

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