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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Star Talk: Sexy Gowri's Success Plan!

Gowri Mumjal is known for her plump assets and ever smiling face. She tried in Bollywood but couldn't find her place there due to her buxom status. Then she tried in Tollywood. She got her place on screen and acted in films like 'Gopi', 'Sri Krishna 2006' and many. But no film brought her the break. Now she is trying to head towards Kollywood. She got a chance to act in a film in the direction of P Vasu with his son Shakti as hero.

She is overwhelmed with joy as Chandramukhi director is going to direct her.

We have to see how far her assets will be welcomed by Tamil audience son their silver screen. Gowri is confident that she can do well on Tamil screen. Will she give competition to Namita? Even Namita went in the same way to Tamil screen.

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