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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Telugu Film News 18-07-07

Mamata Mohandas pairs with Nitin
Mamata Mohandas is signed for a film in which Nitin acts as hero. Ravi C Kumar (Samanyudu fame) directs this flick. Chakri composes music. RR Moviemakers that produced films like Hungama and Samanyudu is producing this film. This film will go to floors very soon.

Uday Kiran as Lakshmi Putrudu

RS film that produced Gopi (Godameda Pilli) in the past is going to make a film titled ‘Lakshmi Putrudu’ with Uday Kiran as hero. Raj Kapoor who directed around 23 films in Tamil is directing this film. 70% of the shooting is complete so far. Uday Kiran plays the role of responsible son in this film. It is an out and out action film. D Iman composes music.

RP as Mee Sreyobhilashi
Rajendra Prasad is acting in a story based film titled Mee Sreyobhilashi. CC Reddy produces this film in the direction of debutant Eeswar Reddy. This film is based on suicides. Rajendra Prasad is doing the role of a elderly man who puts an effort to revive hope in the hearts of people who attempt suicide. Shooting of the film is complete but for the climax.

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