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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

City Buzz: You Can Act In Every Film Virtually!

Now the 4-Dimensional film is hitting Hyderabad shortly. All that we are doing all these days is watching the films silently in theaters and coming out. We also know about 3D films those show Z Axis and give us a different feel. But now the 4 Dimensional films are coming in Prasad's Multiplex within a few months. The film bestows a real time feel in theaters.

If you are watching an Earth Quake scene on screen you will be given the affect as the seat you sit in rocks. When you watch a rain scene you will find a few droplets of rain falling on you. When you are watching a fire scene you will feel the heat for sometime. When you are watching a ferrying boat you feel as if you are on the river, floating. All these experiences can be undergone and you may feel that you are virtually a part of the film.

Is that not a great experience?

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