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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I love girls even more now : Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan has done it again. After Madame Tussauds, his wax statue will be housed in France's Musee Grevin.

And the actor is pleased as punch at the news, not to mention honoured. "I am the only living Indian who would be there," SRK says.
SRK spoke to Narendra Singh about his upcoming film, Chak De India, his new hairstyle and more
Have you ever given a thought of working in a mythological film?
I don't know, I have not been offered any such role so it's difficult for me to comment on it.

Your looks have undergone a metamorphosis.
Actually, I am not shooting for any film now so I just grew my hair in my spare time. I will not be shooting for the next two or three months. When I am not working, I generally don't comb my hair and I prefer wearing normal clothes.

Do you like experimenting with your looks?
No, not at all. I would like to shoot every film wearing white T-shirts and blue denim.
How religious are you?
I am very god fearing and pray to Allah everyday. I pray for the health of my children and my family. As far as mythological films are concerned, the filmmakers decide the subjects of such films. It's difficult to make a comment on such films -- if people like them, then it's a good film.

The common notion among people is that your films always do well. Your comments?
God has been very kind to me. People keep saying such things about me but they are not true. I have given flop films too. But yes, it's true that in the past 19 years, God has given me a lot and I am happy that people think so. I will keep working hard so that people think so in future also.

Coming to your forthcoming release Chak De India, is it true that it's based on a real incident?
It's not completely based on a true story -- the end is different. Yes, (Mir Ranjan) Negisaab did suffer a similar fate but (writer) Jaideep Sahni, (director) Shimit Amin and (producer) Aditya Chopra have jointly written this film. Negisaab has given so many inputs for the film. In fact, all the hockey inputs in the film have come from him.

Yet another book on you will be launched next month. Please tell us more.
Till date there have been two books on me, the last one was written by Mushtaq Sheikh. Anupama Chopra has written the book this time after interviewing me for the past three to four years.

I have read certain parts of the book where it talks about the changes in the socio, political, economic, and of course, the film world of this country from the 1990s to now. It's not about me but talks about my perspective and views.

It's an intellectual book and very intricately researched book, and Anupama has devoted a few years of her life on it. But all said and done, I find this pretty strange because I don't consider myself so important.

Tell us more about Chak De India.
I like the thought of a film whose plot is about women. Actually, it's about young girls and I like young girls. I think young women should be encouraged in every field of life. It's difficult being a woman and that's why I try do such films every year.

You play hockey pretty well.
I don't play so well now. I used to a long time ago. I could not play so well for the film.
How was the feeling of being surrounded by 16 girls?
I love girls even more now.

Will you teach hockey to your kids?
When we do a film, it does not mean that the roles we portray on the screen need to be incorporated in our real life too.

But I have already started teaching hockey to my son. My daughter is too young right now. I would like my kids to learn whichever sport they like. I think if you don't play sports then you don't become a sport. You are not happy. If you play sport, then you learn to be nice to others and play like a team in your life. Sports is very important. I love people who play sports.

These days one can see many films based on sports. Do you see a trend?
I don't think it's a trend. If it's there in the movies, it's there. Sports is a good thing to show in films.

How do you react when people tell you that you have crossed all the frontiers of success in terms of awards?
All I can say is that I feel very happy and humbled. I really can't fathom why I got so many though my constant work may account for that. I can only pray and hope that I keep doing my work. I hope I deserve these honours because I don't feel I deserved them.

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