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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Chiranjeevi's Dance Recognized First By KK

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Chiranjeevi has been the greatest dancer on Tollywood screen, who made firm footprints in the history and that is needless to say now. But do you know who recognized the talent of Chiranjeevi first? That was Kranthi Kumar, the producer of 'Pranam Khareedu'.

While dancing for a duet in the film, he observed him keenly and said to CS Rao, the writer of the film, "This guy has very good flexibility in dance. I never saw an artiste with such flexibility. And even in present generation (during 1978) I feel there is no artiste who can dance like this".

Yes, the observation is perfect and what Kranthi Kumar said was majority opinion. There was no dancer to the standards of Chiranjeevi in his generation. All the young ones including heroes and choreographers took inspiration from him and turned able screen dancers.

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