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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Screen Buzz: Teja Starting His T-Factory!

This is the hot news from the Film Nagar sources. Teja is keen to start up a T-Factory which can be elaborated as Teja-Factory. That seems to be a clear inspiration from Ram Gopal Varma's 'Factory'. The word 'Factory' turned very popular ever since Varma started his banner. Mohan Babu's son Vishnu also started a banner with the title '24 Frames Factory'. Similarly a cloth show room named 'Brand Factory' turned very popular now in Hyderabad twin cities.

Freshly factory bug has bitten Teja as well, if this grapevine has to be believed. The intention of Teja is to make as many films as he can-majority of them being experimental. He is not going to bother for hit of flop but the policy is to make everything in low budget.

Let us see if there will be any renaissance in 2008 on Tollywood screen from this experimental end.

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