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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Choreographer Turned Director Slapped Producer?

There is a gossip that is making rounds now in the Film Nagar. Even a TV channel reported the same saying that a director slapped the producer as a strife developed between them.

And another source said that the director was a choreographer as well. The gossip said that the director slapped his producer as the latter reprimanded him for making the film a flop despite spending big amount on that. If that is the case there are only two choreographers turned directors now those made 'not up to the mark films' despite high budget.

One is Lawrence who made 'Don' in the production of ML Kumar Choudary and the other is Amma Rajasekhar who made 'Takkari' in the production of Paruchuri Prasad. There is no confirmation in the news and the imagination is left to the discretion of people.

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