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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Chiranjeevi Should Be Balanced While Speaking

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"Chiranjeevi should learn to be balanced while speaking. He is yet to master that, it appears. He gave arrogant answer to a question. When asked about the people those are saying about his political entry in confirmed way, Chiru said, "Are they that shrewd and great to know what is their in my mind? Are they saying that reading everything from my mind?"

This has given negative signal for many. Although there is no direct arrogance in that answer, it gives that flavor", said a TDP leader this morning in an informal discussion.

That is really true to some extent. Media is too sensitive that it highlights only such statements.

Chiranjeevi is known for indelible smile on his face. He maintained that and bagged good name. Now it is a big task for him to maintain pleasant talk all the while without becoming volatile for small things.

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