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Friday, January 4, 2008

Priyamani Fantasizes 'Bollywood-Calling'

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Priyamani says that she is ready for 'Bollywood calling'. She appeared on the dais of Goa Film Festivals and chatted a while with Sharukh Khan. When she was asked by a few journalists to express her idea of acting in Bollywood films, she said, "If Bollywood calls, well, let us see if that materializes. I am open for that".

If Priyamani believes that chatting with SRK is equal to 'Bollywood Calling' and starts fantasizing, we cannot say anything. But Priyamani was on cloud 9 for that. She also said that she likes Shah Rukh Khan a lot and wishes to dance with him on screen if given a chance.

So, this hot south Indian actress is now aiming her senses at SRK and Bollywood. Let us see if 2008 brings her some luck in this angle.

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