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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Reel Buzz: Why Attacks Only On Balakrishna?

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After the incident of Paruchuru the same incident took place in Ongole as well. The face of Balakrishna was taken away from the cut out of 'Okka Magadu' at these places. Why these attacks are only on Balakrishna?

There is ample fan-base for Balakrishna and it is obvious that it is the act of his antagonists who can be the fans of other hero. But such acts are hurting the sentiments of Balayya fans. No only the street-side guys but also a few learned people have made attacks on Balakrishna during the release of 'Veerabhadra' and 'Maharadhi'. Many of jokes and cartoons were circulated among the internet users those days. Now such attacks were minimized to large extent and that is a healthy change.

Balakrishna started getting this antagonism ever since the 'shooting' episode at his house. But he has been striving a lot to get back his image and to be in good books of everyone. His well-behaved manner at 75-years Platinum Jubilee function of Tollywood impressed everyone. But still there is black sheep among film buffs who are spitting venom on a few stars for no concrete reason. Let us hope that this scenario changes and all the film buffs walk from darkness to light- 'Tamasoma Jyothirgamaya'.

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