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Monday, December 31, 2007

Reel Buzz: No New Year plans for Chiru!

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Mega star Chiranjeevi, who has been passing through a bad phase, will not celebrate the New Year. Because he and his family are currently observing the mourning period. The film star had lost his father and thus will keep off all celebrations. As it is Chiranjeevi has been passing through a troubled mental state, with bad incidents after bad incidents kept on repeating during the year 2007. All through the year the film star could not find any major occasion for joy or celebrations.

Even the debut film, Chirutha, of his only son had flopped at the box office. It did not evoke the expected response from the Telugu audience. Consequently, his son could not make any headway in the Tollywood. The murky episode involving his second daughter too created trouble for him.

And finally he lost his father. The film star had never been in such a shocking state before. So there's no New Year celebrations for him and his entire family. Also those close to him in the Tollywood will not celebrate the new year. Chiru's fans will also not participate in the celebrations as mark of respect and love for the film star.

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