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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Tollywood Director Of The Year 2007

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"The film was made with modicum budget. The film has all new faces. It's a college based story and there were many such movies before. 'His' movies are class oriented. It would be a wonder if he gets back his deposits this time. He is releasing the film along with 'Chirutha'. That is a wrong and over adventurous attempt. He is taking risk". These were the comments those were heard in a few sections of Tollywood just before the release of that film.

Well, 'he' is Sekhar Kammula and 'that film' is 'Happy Days. This director and the film turned buzz words of Tollywood this year. The triumphant success of this small budget film shook the sense of all top notch Tollywood bigwigs. The film released silently but sounded big bang at the box offices. All the new faces in the film turned top celebrities and youth icons now. The college based love story turned a bench mark and inspiration for many film makers now. It's not getting back the deposits; the film turned the heavy grosser this year in Tollywood. There were no ill-affects for this movie, although released along with big flick 'Chirutha'. Sekhar Kammula proved his mettle in bigger way this year with 'Happy Days'. He taught many film makers how a successful film can be made with soft and lively elements. The film ran with tight packed theaters for many weeks. All this was possible by Sekhar Kammula, the director.

So, Sekhar Kammula stands to be the director of the year 2007.

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