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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Genelia's 'Pepper', Raja's 'Trixy' and Neelakanta's 'Tipsy'


Well, those are the names of pet dogs. The common factor among Genelia, Neelakanta and Raja is love for pets. Out of all, Raja's 'Trixy' is a Labrador which is very well-behaved as said by the unit members of 'Mister Medhavi'. Yes, the unit members are very well familiar with Trixy. And they say about Genelai pet 'Pepper' which goes with its name. "It's hot like the heroine!!!" said a unit member.

"Pepper is always lovelorn for me. She turns red if I were absent at home for longer shooting schedules. I cannot miss her on my birthday", said Genelia.

Pepper came all the way from Mumbai for the birthday of Genelia when she was shooting for Mister Medhavi. And last but not least is Tipsy, the pet dog of director Neelakanta. Tipsy is a male and hence managed to flirt with Pepper and Trixy in a shrewd way. Obviously without letting Pepper and Trixy know about his double flirt game!!

Is that not interesting? Unit members say that they enjoyed a lot.

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