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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Chitchat with Sonia

Sonia who played the character of Shravs in Happy Days was like any other girl in her early twenties, till she was spotted by Shekar Kammula few months back. The twenty-three-year-old IT girl is the latest find of Telugu film industry and she oozes confidence coupled with exuberant smile. Running high on success after Happy Days she shares her future plans. Excerpts:

Tell us about your background?
I am born and brought up in Hyderabad, equipped with a degree in computer applications. I have been working as a software engineer for the last three years in an IT company. I don’t have any filmy background.

How did you get into Happy Days project?
I used to participate in few events during my leisure time. Shekar Kammula spotted me during the Telugu cinema vajrostavalu. Then he called me for an audition. Initially, I was offered the role of Appu. He gave the script and asked me to understand the character and then come for the audition. After looking at my performance, he offered me the role of Shravs.

How did you interpret the character?
I was as natural as I could be. I was never into acting/dramatics. Sekhar Kammula asked me to do it my own way. My histrionics in Happy Days was my own interpretation of the character and the way I read in the script.

You seem to be the elder one among the main leads who worked for Happy Days. How did they treat you?
I am 23 and I am the oldest among the main leads in Happy Days. Initially they thought that I was dominant. Slowly all of us bonded with each other very well. I shared room with Gayatri Rao (Appu) during the shoot. We had no problems at all.

What are your favorite scenes in this film?
The scene in which Rajesh says 'ee kodento' and the other scenes in which Tyson says 'enthaina mana friend kadara'.

Are there any similarities to Shravs character and your real self?
Yes. There is Shravs in me. I don't throw much attitude around, but there is definitely attitude in me. I take some time for me to mingle with new friends.

Did you get any proposals from your juniors in college time?
I was a quite girl then. I used to wear Salwar and Kameez. After college I transformed into western outfits.

How is the response for your performance in Happy Days?
The first feedback I got was through Jeevi review in idlebrain.com. I missed all the excitement because I was in the USA for three months after the release.

How did your family respond?
They were little skeptical and anxious about it first. But they felt really happy after watching the film.

What are you hobbies?
I love reading books. Godfather is my all time favorite. I love spending time with friends and traveling. I love writing too.

What are your favorite films?
Among the Telugu films I loved Bommarillu and Pokiri. My all time classic film is 'Sound of Music".

What do you think are your strengths?
I am confident. I can bring smile to the people's faces.

How do you feel when the public recognize you as a film actress?
I feel flattered.

What kind of roles would you want to do in future?
I want to do roles that generate a positive impact with characterizations.

What are your future projects?
Since I was in USA for 3 months after release, most of the filmmakers assumed that I went to the USA forever. Now I am back and I am interested doing good roles.

What are your future plans?
I will be quitting my job soon. I keep my options open in movies. I want to do my own business in entertainment line. I might open a restaurant or a flower shop.

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